From Field to Plate...


Christine is a ceramic artist who gains her inspiration from ancient Greek and Byzantine pottery, and exposes guests to the incredibly warm and welcoming locals, lovingly prepared, slowly savored Mediterranean food and the uniqueness of ancient and modern Greece.

In September 2004 we moved to our new home in Lakkia, surrounded by olive trees, fertile farmland and verdant hills, where David has a prosperous garden full of fresh organic fruit and vegetables. We are also self sufficient in olive oil and eggs. The pottery studio is on the ground floor of our house.


We are citizens of the world, believe that mankind is one and that we are all leaves of one tree and flowers of one garden.  Only when we all buy into that way of thinking will we attain world peace. We teach the virtues, the Golden Rule, team spirit, consultation, being a team player and building character. It is these qualities that lead to lasting success in life.

Education of the whole person – mind, body and spirit and an appreciation for the dignity of manual labor – is the foundation of a successful society. Properly grown nutritious food is the most important building block of a lasting civilization.

The true measure of a person is their deeds, not their great ambitions nor their fine words.

We have three children, Elizabeth, currently studying in the United States; Annie in her last year of high school; and Bruce who is two years younger. We have two cats and two dogs, although strays often decide to stay.

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