From Field to Plate...

Christine – Ceramic Artist

My work has gone through a number of phases; currently I am very interested in hand burnished pit fired pots and Byzantine motifs.

Hand burnished pit fired pots: These wheel thrown hand-burnished pots are inspired by centuries old pottery found in many of Greece’s museums.  Each piece has its own special shape, but follows the definition of form and style created by potters from Ancient Greece. Each pot is fired to 1060ºC and then pit fired in an outdoor sawdust kiln, where the results are unique and unpredictable, then polished with a special wax and enhanced with gold leaf.

Byzantine motifs: Bowls in various sizes and shapes are created using the age-old technique of scraffito, etching through colored slip to create a design inspired by pieces found in the Byzantine museum of Thessaloniki.

It was hand burnished pit fired pots with Byzantine motifs that were the subject of my most recent exhibition sponsored by the Thessaloniki Curator of Byzantine Monuments.

I undertake special assignments. Mount Athos had an exhibition in Vienna, Austria in 2007 and I was asked to make pieces to their design. In February 2004 I conducted a special seminar – Conflict Resolution with Clay – for Palestinian and Israeli Youth. I make one-off, personalized pieces as a wedding present, retirement gift, etc.

For many years my students and I have participated in exhibitions, both local and national,  such as the Anetopoulos Pottery Museum, Volos; the Pan Hellenic Exhibit in Maroussi; the Pan Hellenic Ceramics Festival, Thessaloniki; and the Cultural Center, Pylea, Thessaloniki.

“Where Ancient Meets Modern”
Tucker Robbins Gallery, New York Design Center