From Field to Plate...

David’s Garden

Following my retirement I had a brush with cancer and selected gardening as my occupation because it is low stress, close to nature, and provides the opportunity to produce wholesome, nutritious food for the family, friends, and guests.

Gardening is my prayer, my meditation and my physical exercise.

Healthy food comes from healthy soil. The primary factor in health is nutrition and the nutritive value of food is vitally affected by the way in which it is grown and processed. Producing the best food possible is an essential part of our living the slow lifestyle and enjoying a healthy life.

Food will become the big issue in the years ahead as irrigation water becomes scarce and expensive, good agricultural land per person reduces as we move towards 10 billion souls on the planet, and extreme weather conditions due to climate change adversely affect agriculture.

It was Abraham Lincoln who said “The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land.”* As our society experiences increasingly troubled times, I believe that people in both rich and poor countries will see the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln’s foresight.

The emphasis of our garden is on drought resistant trees and plants, water economy, productivity, building up soil fertility, and moving towards self-sufficiency, while being low maintenance, practical for a 70-year old on his own, beautiful and a place of serenity.

Sir Robert McCarrison, Chairman of the Post-Graduate Medical Education Committee at Oxford University said: “I know of nothing so potent in producing ill-health as improperly constituted food. It may therefore be taken as a law of life, infringement of which shall surely bring its own penalties, that the single greatest factor in the acquisition of health is perfectly constituted food. Given the will, we have the power to build in every nation a people more fit, more vigorous and competent; a people with longer and more productive lives, and with more physical and mental stamina than the world has ever known.”**

Neglect of McCarrison’s statement may be responsible for the fact that of the 2.2 million deaths in America each year, the Surgeon General reports that 1.8 million are diet related.

For the past two years we invited the Enthynami group, whose focus is on mainstreaming teenagers with special needs, to help pick olives.

*Quoted from the opening page of M.G. Kains’ Five Acres and Independence.
**Quoted from the opening page of B17 Metabolic Therapy in the Prevention and Control of CANCER: A Technical Manual compiled by PHILLIP DAY, published by Credence Publications.