From Field to Plate...

What We Offer

Our core activities are the Slow Lifestyle; University Visits with the theme of creating a life in addition to creating an income; Christine’s skills as a ceramic artist; the uniqueness of ancient and modern Greece, much of which is right on our doorstep; and the philosophy of making a comfortable living from a small plot of land. We can offer food and accommodation for up to ten people. For Universities: tailor-made residential courses along the lines of that offered to the University of Virginia’s International Residential College. For those interested in the Slow lifestyle, Christine teaches the value of lovingly prepared, slowly savored Mediterranean food and living better and being more productive by marrying la dolce vita with the dynamism of the information age. We introduce school children to:

  • all aspects of pottery making from the wheel to the kiln
  • various designs and different clays
  • pottery making in Ancient Greece through Byzantine times
  • hands on work on the wheel and with clay
  • an art that has deep roots in Greek culture and history
  • a project that is relevant to what is being taught in the classroom, such as a particular period of Greek culture or history
  • our organic farm and the many herbs, flowers and trees we have growing here
  • creating their own notebook with the leaves and names of our plants

The pottery camp for kids is a one-week or two week, in-depth extension of the day visits for children, with the opportunity for participants to learn the potter’s skills and create their own pieces. Children collect eggs from the chickens, harvest fruit and vegetables from David’s garden and plant seeds. They bake bread and learn some of the basic skills of cooking. They are exposed to the richness and benefits of living the rural life within easy reach of the city. In addition to the skills learned during the Pottery Camp For Kids, the residential program for families provides time to experience the slow lifestyle and the uniqueness of ancient and modern Greece. Christine teaches a variety of ceramics skills. Residential visits could be timed around one of the all-day ceramic workshops. Guests work in Christine’s studio, visit Thessaloniki’s Byzantium Museum with its magnificent collection of pottery; experience the slow lifestyle and the uniqueness of ancient and modern Greece. Several times a year we host all-day workshops in kiln building, throwing a large Cretan urn, building and firing paper kilns, and pit-firing burnished clay with chicken manure and wood shavings. Since 2006 Christine has been conducting art therapy classes at the local rehabilitation clinic, where accident and stroke victims have the opportunity of working with clay. We work closely with Enthynami, whose focus is on mainstreaming teenagers with special needs. Please contact us if you have special needs. We may be just what you are looking for. The elderly may welcome our relaxed atmosphere with our emphasis on quality rather than quantity. We might be of interest to families or groups who wish to experience a different Greece from what is normally available. A tailor-made program could include any or all of our core activities and we may be able to cater to additional special interests. Please prepare your own creative journey and see if we can help. We can provide Christine as a full time tour guide and collection from and return to the Macedonia airport or train station. A 9-seater van can be rented if necessary.


The dates for Pottery Camp 2010 are June 21-July 2.

Times are 9.30-2.30. For more in formation send an email to

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