From Field to Plate...

The Slow Lifestyle

Ours is a 24/7 world where competition, greed, and fear encourage us to apply the time-is-money principle to every moment of the day and night. The slow lifestyle believes there is a better way of living.

In our haste we gobble down industrialized food and suffer the consequences. The slow food philosophy believes that ingredients should be nutritious, local and seasonal, cooked with recipes that have stood the test of time, and consumed in a relaxed atmosphere with family, friends and guests.

Taking back control of our lives by making a comfortable living from a small plot of land and teaching the slow lifestyle is our family’s response to the unhealthy, stressful and chaotic lifestyle that most people are obliged to live.

Christine teaches the value of lovingly prepared, slowly savored Mediterranean food, incorporating the slow food philosophy. Guests pick nutritious ingredients from the garden, make their own bread, cook their own Greek dishes, and learn the lessons of appreciation and connection through shopping at local markets.

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