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University Visits

Harry Lewis, Dean of the undergraduate school at Harvard, writes to first-year undergraduates making the case for getting more out of university – and life – by doing less. Lewis is keen on hard work, academic success and high achievement but a little selective slowness can help students to live and work better. Slowing down, is an essential part of good thinking.*

From 2005 we have hosted a one-week, experience abroad program as part of a two credit hour course Life, Mind, and Society for the University of Virginia’s International Residential College. Students learn the Slow Lifestyle while preparing their breakfast and evening meal.

Students are then exposed to the incredibly warm and welcoming locals, and the uniqueness of ancient and modern Greece in our area.

On their return, students enjoy the meal prepared earlier in the day – sometimes with a guest of special interest to the group – in a relaxed manner.

Evenings are set aside for quiet time, reflection, journal writing and addressing the questions posed by the course.

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*Carl Honoré in In Praise of Slow: How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed.